May 20, 2024

Company Profile

Mission: We exist to serve our members with safe, reliable, and convenient electricity at the lowest possible cost.

What is a Cooperative: Prentiss County Electric Power Association is a not-for-profit cooperative owned by its members. Originally, cooperatives served rural areas not profitable enough for investor-owned utilities.

Investor-owned: Utilities like Duke Power, Entergy, and Mississippi Power Company are owned by investors who, like all investors, expect a return on their investment.

Municipals: Some cities have their own electric systems. Generally they have the highest density of consumers and sales.

Rates: Despite having lower density, Prentiss County EPA’s rates are among the lowest in the state and the entire seven state TVA service area.

Cooperative Benchmarking: Prentiss County EPA is constantly looking to improve its performance. We compare ourselves to the other 820 electric cooperatives nationwide and stack up pretty well:

Size: Prentiss County EPA is an average size cooperative in the United States with approximately 13,700 meters.

Financial Strength: Utilities require a lot of capital to be able to maintain quality electric service and recover from severe storms. Prentiss County EPA has no long-term debt. Any excess Member equity is returned to customers through lower electric rates. Cooperatives outside of the TVA service area charge higher rates than actually needed then return Capital Credits in future years.

Wise Management: 
Prentiss County EPA’s board, management and employees understand a dollar saved or spent is ultimately a dollar in or out of our members’ pockets. Keeping a careful eye on costs is another way to deliver value to our members.

Dedicated Professionals: Each employee is part of a team committed to providing the members of Prentiss County EPA the best service possible.

We Live here, too: Prentiss County Electric Power Association is more than just a power provider. The employees, management, and board members are committed to helping the communities we serve in other ways as well. We are actively involved in projects that help improve the quality of life for our members. Service as civic leaders, in our local churches, as coaches and referees for youth sports, and as volunteers for parent-teacher organizations and other school activities are just a few ways our people care for this community. We are committed to our communities because we live here, too.

Economic Development: Prentiss County Electric Power Association has a proven record of working with our communities to help improve the quality of life for our members. One way we do this is by partnering with our wholesale power supplier, Tennessee Valley Authority, the North Mississippi Industrial Development Association, and the Prentiss County Development Association and the Community Development Association to encourage new industrial growth and further development of existing business and industries. We’re proud of our success through the years and look forward to helping our communities in the future.