May 20, 2024


Read these carefully!

Be safe around electricity! Here are a few helpful tips to remember:

  • Don’t touch an electric switch with wet hands!
  • Never overload outlets with too many plugs!
  • Never plug in an electric cord that is frayed!
  • Don’t use electrical equipment outdoors in the rain!
  • Never use water to put out electrical fires!
  • Don’t stand under trees or telephone poles during a storm!
  • Fly kites in open fields away from electrical lines!
  • Prevent children from climbing trees near power lines!
  • Stay out of the water during a thunderstorm!
  • Stay away from substation fences!
  • Do not shoot at utility lines, insulators or transformers!
  • Do not throw rocks at utility line insulators or transformers!
  • Keep ladders away from power lines!
  • Stay away from transformers!
  • Use plastic caps over outlets to protect children from accidental shock!
  • Use surge protectors to protect computers and other electronic equipment!
  • Ground appliances properly and use Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters in wet locations!
  • Be familiar with power lines that cross your property and keep antennas, ladders, grain augers and other tall objects away from the power lines to prevent shock or death!
  • Do not attach anything to electric power poles.  This includes satellite dishes, campaign posters, garage sale signs, basketball goals, etc!  They could harm our linemen!