June 13, 2024

Prentiss County Electric Power Association Rates

Effective April 1, 2024

Residential Service Rate (RS)
Customer Charge for 60 to 200 Amp single phase service$15.08
for 3 Phase or CT Metered Single Phase(115)$28.08
All Energy (kwh)$0.09210

General Power Rate (Non-Residential Usage)
Small Size Customer (0 to 50 KW) – GSA1
Customer Charge for 60 to 200 Amp single phase service$17.61
for 3 Phase or CT Metered Single Phase(115)$30.61
Energy Charge 0 to 15,000 kwh$0.10319

Medium Size Customer (51- l000KW) (GSA2)
Monthly Customer Charge$93.21
Energy Charge O to 15,000 kWh$0.10421
Above 15,000 kWh$0.06413
Demand Charge First 50 KWNo Charge
51 to 1000 KW$13.37

Large Size Customer (1001- 5000 KW) (GSA3)
Monthly Customer Charge$274.46
Energy Charge All kwh$0.06468
Demand Charge O to 1000 KW$13.47
1001 to 5000 KW$13.47

Qualifying New loads or additions >250 KW may apply for TV A’s Valley Investment (VII) Credit.
Manufacturing Customers > 1000 KW qualify for TV A’s General Manufacturing Credit.

Security Light Rate
40 Watt LED$7.28
129 W LED Flood$17.10
192 W LED Cobra$20.15
100 Watt High Pressure Sodium$7.77
175-Watt Mercury Vapor$8.24
400-Watt High Pressure Sodium$20.21
1000-Watt Metal Halide$46.09
Extra Pole$4.00
Lighting kwh charge0.06906 $/kwh

Because all PCEP A customers are extended an average of 66 days credit, deposits are necessary.
General rate deposits are 60 days of power usage history or estimated comparable usage history.
Residential deposits are based on credit score with reduction for 2 years good payment history.