May 20, 2024

Service Fees

1.Transfer or pull & reset meter$20.00
2.Temporary Electric Service                      Cost to add and remove line
3.Returned Check fee with phone call$20.00
5.Trip to collect bill or pull meter for non-payment$20.00
6.Re-connection fee:
a.  Re-connection during work hours
     (8 A.M. to 4:45 P.M.)
no cost
b.  Re-connection after hours, weekends &      holidays$50.00
7.Meter test 
a.  Single Phase$15.00
b.  Three Phase$50.00
8.        Meter tampering 
a.  1st Offense$50.00 + estimated usage
b.  2nd Offense$100.00 + estimated usage
c.  3rd Offense$150.00 + estimated usage
          *Plus any damage to equipment 
9.Lightning Arrestor      
 a.  Single Phase$60.00
 b.  Three Phase$100.00