June 13, 2024


1. Why not just mow, cut, or trim back the growth in the rights of way?

Herbicides are used to supplement and ultimately reduce mechanical/manual means of maintaining the Cooperative’s rights of way. They help reduce the cost of future maintenance by removing and reducing the problematic vegetation. Herbicides are used to help re-establish and promote the natural grasses and low-growing vegetation which will not interfere with the power lines. This fits perfectly with the Cooperative’s mission to provide safe, reliable, and convenient electricity at the lowest possible cost.

2. Will the trees within my yard be sprayed by Prentiss County EPA?

No, manicured and landscaped areas will be avoided.

3. Will the apple tree outside my landscaped area be affected?

Vegetation with the potential of growth to interfere with electric lines will be treated. Low-growth ornamentals, fruit trees, and shrubs will be avoided.

4. What are the names of the herbicides used by Prentiss County EPA?

Tordon K manufactured by Dow AgroSciences

Arsenal PowerLine manufactured by BASF

Krenite and Escort manufactured by DuPont

Accord and Milestone manufactured by Dow AgroSciences

These products have undergone rigorous field and laboratory testing, are registered with the EPA, and have been approved for use on utility rights of way. They are also registered with the Mississippi Plant Board.

5. Who will be applying the herbicides?

Only certified applicators will be applying the herbicides.