April 21, 2024


According to the Energy Information Administration, lighting accounts for up to one-fifth the total electrical consumption in many U.S. households.

  • Compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) use up to 75 percent less energy than typical incandescent light bulbs and last up to 10 times longer. CFLs are also available for recessed lighting in both spotlight and floodlight designs.
  • Outdoor lighting means peace of mind, prevents accidents, discourages prowlers, and extends a warm welcome to friends. Call our office today to request a security light.
  • Spot lighting can save you energy and money. Spot lighting is located close to the area where you’re working.
  • Use timers and motion detectors for porch and outdoor lights.
  • Lighting can also boost your mood and health. Exposure to the right kind of light at the right time of day can help boost your concentration and performance.